Aesthetica Arrives

Aesthetica Arrives

I’m having a déjà vu…I have been dreaming about setting up a transformative consulting practice for so long and now that Aesthetica Styling is launched, it feels like a place I’ve visited already.

Aesthetica is the culmination of my entire career to date. I’ve lived and worked across industries and across the world. But more than that, I have had a hunger to learn, to improve and to grow. This lived experience and energy is what you get when you engage with Aesthetica.

I’ve been studying a Masters Certificate of Professional Styling for the past year, providing a framework to deliver practical shopping tips and personal styling wisdom. This is valuable, but of even more valuable to you is the who; me. I am the experienced, gentle hand leading you through a process of transformation.

Part of my mission and purpose in life is to empower others with skills that help them to develop a high self-esteem life. Understanding, defining and expressing personal style is a deep reflection of a high self-esteem person. Being well prepared for an interview is indicative of someone that considers their voice important. I can help you on your journey to becoming this person.

How? With me, it doesn’t happen on a chaise with a notepad. It happens when you are in a change room experimenting with new looks, it happens over when we are rehearsing your interview answers. It happens when you connect with my energy that says, “you got this”.

And, by the skills and process we go through, you will. Book in a discovery call. Your time is now.

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