Styling Clients

Testimonials 0000 Jules

Since I was re-styled by Aesthetica Styling I feel more confident in choosing and wearing fabulous clothing.  I am now mixing and matching styles just right for my body type and wearing them with intent. Adele has helped me to bravely revamp my wardrobe, shopped with me, and found the perfect fit and personal style to make me shine. Thanks to Adele I feel a renewed sense of style dressing for work, casual weekends and nights out.I would highly recommend choosing Adele from Aesthetica Styling to revamp your personal style. Her styling advice will change your life.

State Regional Manager
Testimonials 0003 Hannah

Adele has taught me to see clothes in a whole new light: as something which can be wrong or right for me, but should never have the power to make me feel like I myself am wrong. I have historically dreaded shopping, but with this new approach shopping with Adele wasn't just not awful, it was fun and empowering. We laughed a lot, I didn’t panic and ‘settle’ for clothes that I didn't feel were right (like previously), and I feel like I came to respect my body a lot more through the process.

As someone with a very casual wardrobe that I wanted to spruce up for the office, I was scared to wear pieces like blazers because I thought I'd look like a fraud. Adele has helped me find a balance which makes me feel well presented but still like myself, embracing my pre-existing preferences for styles and colours and building on them to steer me in the direction of new choices and habits I can continue to use.

It's pretty incredible the confidence that Adele's guidance has fostered in me. I've noticed a serious uptick in compliments from those around me - sometimes they are about my appearance, but those closest to me have more often commented that I seem confident, happy and relaxed. I'm really glad that I went through the styling process with Adele, I feel like I can take what I've learned and continue to build a wardrobe that compliments who I am.

Senior Research Officer
Ollie Testimonial

Prior to the Aesthetica Styling experience with Adele, my wardrobe choices have always been fairly exclusively muted block colours and very similar styles. Adele opened my eyes to lots of potential new options, adding texture and layers; the whole time ensuring I was well taken care of, comfortable and smiling. I’d highly recommend Aesthetica Styling to anyone, even those that consider themselves snappy dressers.

Business Analyst

Now my kids are more independent and I’m back in the workforce at a greater capacity I’d been wanting to do a style review however was a little bit hesitant of where to start and about taking time out to focus on me! From the beginning Adele made the whole experience enjoyable – and I’m not someone who loves shopping! She was always incredibly respectful, supportive and made me feel comfortable from our first meeting. The wardrobe edit felt daunting but was extremely helpful and has allowed me to move on from pieces that didn’t work and my wardrobe is far easier to manage. I now leave the house feeling a lot more ‘put together’ and confident, and my work colleagues have noticed a big difference. I now look forward to adding new wardrobe pieces and experimenting more with looks and the clothes I have. Thanks Adele!

General Manager

Interview Preparation + Career Mentoring Clients

Testimonials 0002 Sherlynn

I came to Adele for interview prep help at a time where I was looking to take the leap into the next phase of my career. Adele listened to my journey and understood my motivation with where I was wanting to head. Using that, she gave me tips to reframe my mindset and practical tips to nail the interview. She really helped me to focus on the confidence aspect for when I went to sit the interview. Her guidance really allowed me to put my best foot forward during the interview and for me to successfully secure the role!

Project Manager
Tina Testimonial

Adele mentored me in preparation for my successful interview into medical school. Adele held numerous practise interviews for me and after each she gave me clear, honest and actionable feedback. These interview training sessions with Adele improved my interview skills so that I could confidently and genuinely present myself even in the highly stressful and high-pressure situation of the interview. Adele’s mentorship style is warm, approachable and kind, so even when she was giving me the tough feedback that I needed, I always felt supported, inspired and elevated. Adele gave me the tools, skills and knowledge that I needed to grow into a confident and impactful interviewee, and I will carry these with me into future interviews as well. I am so grateful for Adele’s mentorship and without her help I may not have been accepted into medical school.

Tina B
Medical Student

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